Casino Titan Loyalty Program – Casino Titan Reward System

Many online gamblers prefer the Casino Titan website due to their massive deposit bonuses, friendly customer service, and high levels of customization. This website offers over 200 high-quality casino games ranging from the traditional favorites like blackjack and craps to less conventional games like Sic Bo and Hot Dice. Casino Titan is also renowned for their interactive slot machines with multiple progressive payouts…last year alone about thirty lucky winners took home their share of almost two million dollars in jackpot payouts alone.

Casino Titan Loyalty Program Overview

At first, the Casino Titan loyalty program may appear on paper to be very similar to what you’ve seen inside other online casinos. There are several different player levels which are earned through a points system; gamblers can advance by placing wagers at the Titan website by playing their favorite casino games. Loyalty points collect for the life of the account as well, so gamblers are always free to try out other online casinos without fear of losing a previously earned reward. Casino Titan offers this flexibility because they truly believe that they are the best gaming destination in cyberspace…and hundreds of thousands of players tend to agree.

Casino Titan Online Loyalty Programs

Once you take a closer look at the Casino Titan loyalty program, you’ll see that those similarities with other websites quickly disappear; starting with the level of customer service you’ll receive. If any VIP member ever needs assistance in any way, there is a dedicated phone line to call twenty-four hours per day with a live voice on the other end. It really doesn’t matter if you want to request a better deposit bonus or try to get complimentary tickets for the summer’s hottest concert; someone will be there to talk to you and to treat you like an individual…not player #5,227 that happens to have 1,622 loyalty points. Every call is treated on a case-by-case basis; there is no script to follow based on the amounts wagered.

Of course, the amounts wagered are the way that you climb the reward system ladder at Casino Titan, so do not think for a minute that your betting history is not important. Top level VIP’s at Casino Titan receive some of the best promotions in the industry, ranging from free electronics, lavish vacation packages, and even profit sharing programs that deliver cold, hard cash to high-rolling customers.

Casino Titan Loyalty Program Summary

Casino Titan is easily one of the frontrunners in the online gaming industry when it comes to taking care of everyone from casual players to high-roller professionals. Their VIP system makes it fairly easy to climb the ranks in order to earn cash-back bonuses, and since this program is in place for the life of each account, it is definitely worth taking a closer look at. At the upper levels, Casino Titan gives away more free money than any other website in cyberspace.